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Hotaru Kanisawa (蟹沢 ほたる, Kanisawa Hotaru) was a 6th-year student at Shin'ō Academy.


Kanisawa is a short girl with relatively short brown hair. Part of it is tied up at the right side of her head with a hairclip consisting of two red pearls. She wears the standard Shin'ō Academy female uniform and she has her Zanpakutō on a strap across her back.


She was a classmate of Shūhei Hisagi, as such she was a senpai to Momo Hinamori, Renji Abarai and Izuru Kira. Along with Hisagi and Aoga she helped lead a group of academy students on a training mission to the material world. Before departing for the mission, she instructed the students to gather into groups of three, determined by scraps of paper with various markings on them had been handed out earlier, with the students possessing identical markings forming a group. The mission was to practice konsō.

When Hisagi was about to end the day's training, Kanisawa was killed by a Huge Hollow. Aoga immediately tried to avenge her but was injured by the same Hollow.

Hisagi and Aoga, having both survived the ordeal, would visit Kanisawa's grave during the interlude between Wandenreich's first and second attack on the Seireitei, where they lamented about how she died.


  • Kanisawa and Aoga were both not shown to be as grievously wounded, and impaled as much by the giant Hollow in the anime, compared to the manga.


  • The mission Kanisawa lead for the 1st years differed between the manga and the anime. In the anime, the students were practicing killing Hollows using dummy-Hollows.