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Kamira (カミラ) was a knight in Haido's army.


She, Ranke, Fugai, and Haido attacked Temujin's village in search of the Stone of Gelel.


She seemed to be very sadistic and disturbed, considering her illusion and the way she takes delight at Kankurō's fear and despair. She seemed to be overconfident regarding Ranke's abilities, seeing as how she displayed disbelief at Ranke's death. She liked to play with her opponents and taunt them from afar. She is also somewhat flirtatious, using affectionate and somewhat mocking terms like "sweetie" or "handsome" when fighting both Shikamaru Nara and Kankurō, along with an affectionate goodbye, while stating persistence will make one to be hated, as when Kankurō pursued her. She also displayed overconfidence, perceiving her intelligence as being greater than Shikamaru's, and thinking he was predictable, which eventually led to her downfall.


Kamira had white skin, long blonde hair and reddish-coloured eyes. She wore a turquoise knights uniform with a spike jutting out the top of each shoulder guard. While in her bat-like form, she got bigger and her hair became longer and white. Her eyes became a ominous reddish colour. She also obtained blue-green wings after transforming.


She could transform herself into a bat-like humanoid, either a complete form with black skin, white hair and red eyes, or a hybrid form with a feral appearance. In her human form, she displayed the ability to create something akin to a genjutsu to trap Kankurō, although it was broken off when he countered using his puppet Karasu. In her bat form, she could exude a thick cloud from her mouth, the effect of which seemed to purely be a smokescreen, as there seemed to be no lasting effects. Also, whilst in her bat form, she was extremely agile in the air.

Plot Overview[]

She fought Kankurō at a beach in the Land of Wind. She later did battle with Shikamaru Nara, who had trapped her with a multitude of explosive tags. Playfully teasing the Konohagakure ninja, she fell into his trap as she flew right into the clutches of Kankurō's Kuroari, and was sliced to pieces inside it, killing her instantly.


  • Kamira's bat-like transformation, along with Fugai's werewolf-like transformation and Ranke's Frankenstein-like one, could be perceived as parodies of three classic monster movies, namely Ranke as Frankenstein's monster, Kamira as Dracula, and Fugai as the Wolfman (or "wolfwoman" in this case).