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Kamino is a fictional ocean planet, in the fictional Star Wars universe, similar to Mon Calamari and Manaan. It was here that the Army of the Republic was generated. It is inhabited by a race of tall, elegant, long-necked creatures, called Kaminoans, who keep to themselves and are known for their cloning technology.[1] 10 years before the Clone Wars, Hego Damask, using Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas secretly funded the production of an army for the Republic. In Star Wars: Episode II, Obi-Wan Kenobi was directed here to follow a lead on the whereabouts of Senator Amidala's would-be assassin through a single poison dart. During Obi-Wan's stay on Kamino at Tipoca City, he discovered the source of the Clone Army's genetic code, one Jango Fett and his "son" Boba Fett.

Once he was discovered, Jango narrowly escaped the planet with Boba, with Obi-Wan close behind. Yoda later returned and brought a contingent of these clone warriors to assist in the rescue of Obi-Wan, Anakin, Padmé and the Jedi Knights at the end of Attack of the Clones to begin the fabled Clone Wars. When the Separatists discovered the source of the clones, they launched an attack on Kamino, but the Battle of Kamino was won by the Republic. The name "Kamino" is a play on amino or amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins; hence the cloning industry.


  1. 99(Shorty)
  2. Boba Fett
  3. Boil
  4. BN-749
  5. CC-0411(Ponds)
  6. CC-1010(Fox)
  7. CC-2224 (Commander Cody)
  8. CC-3636(Wolffe)
  9. CC-5576-39(Gregor)
  10. CT-327
  11. CT-43/002
  12. Colt
  13. Comet
  14. Crys
  15. Dogma
  16. Longshot(The Citadel)
  17. Nub
  18. Stormtrooper
  19. Stormtrooper Commander
  20. TK-626
  21. Trauma
  22. Waxer


  1. Lama Su