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A technique taught by King Kai. This is a skill enabling you to multiply your Strength, and Speed in short bursts.  


By controlling every ounce of Energy in your body you can amplify it for a Short Burst. When you do it correctly your power, speed, destructive force, and defensive force can all be increased a lot. If I don't stay in  complete control while I am boosting my Energy than I could really mess myself up. At your level you simply cannot use the Kaio Ken to much at any onetime if at any point in the process you lose control you could severely harm your body. That's why you should raise your power to no more than double. Performing a Kaioken at more than double your power will put to much strain on your body. In other words your body won't be able to keep up with the Kaio Ken and the entire move will end up backfiring on you.


  1. King Kai
  2. Goku


  1. Nappa
  2. Prince Vegeta
  3. Recoome
  4. Jeice
  5. Burter
  6. Captain Ginyu
  7. Frieza
  8. Cooler
  9. Pikkon