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Juri is the referee of the Dark Tournament after Koto was forced to switch to commentary. Juri is voiced by Katsuyo Endou in the Japanese version and Jamie Marchi in the English dub.


During Ura Urashima and Kurama's match, Ura tricked Kurama and used the Idunn box, which could turn Kurama into his younger and weaker self and covered the entire ring with it's purple fog. Unfortunately for him, Kurama ended up transforming into Yoko and instead, it was Juri who became about ten.

Towards the end of the Dark Tournament, as the stadium was collapsing due to Sakyo's detonation, Juri pulls Koto out of the way of the falling debris after which she wails that she doesn't want to die as a virgin (in the original Japanese, she doesn't want to die before getting married), despite her popularity in the cocktail lounge (according to Koto). The two then run to escape before the stadium fully collapses with Koto calling out, "Let's find you a man"!

Later, in the Demon World Tournament, Koto implies that she got "what she wanted" which implies that she is no longer a virgin. There is an extra scene showing Juri watching the Tournament with a demon with a moustache. She's apparently working as a waitress.

In the manga epilogue, she's seen with Ruka and Koto as part of a trio of cult favorites. In a Human World television interview, she admits to having a crush on Suzuka. She is also seen in a magazine along with Koto and Ruka, revealing they have become idols in the anime as well.


  • Juri has a tan, as revealed in Eizou Hakusho: Episode 3, and her, Koto's, and Ruka's epilogue in the manga.
  • Juri and Yukina have similar hair colors.
  • The first episode in which Juri appears is Episode 44: Yusuke's Final Test. She is the new referee on the new stadium. Juri comments she is new to this job.