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The Joker appears throughout the animated series The Batman, voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. Richardson was nominated twice for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program. Most notably, in the finale of Season 1, the Joker transforms Ethan Bennett into Clayface using "Joker-putty," which helps Yin change her view on the Batman and the two become allies. In the 2005 direct-to-video spin-off, The Batman vs. Dracula (2005), the Joker escapes from Arkham and unwittingly becomes a vampire under control of Count Dracula. Batman cures the Joker of his vampirism in order to learn the location of Dracula's lair in Gotham Cemetery.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Joker Venom Immunity


  • Gadgetry: The Joker commits crimes with countless "comedic" weapons (such as razor-sharp playing cards, acid-spewing flowers, cyanide pies, and lethally electric joy buzzers) and Joker venom.
  • Genius Level Intellect: The Joker is also very skilled in the fields of chemistry, genetics, and nuclear engineering. He also seems capable of mastering whatever he puts his twisted mind to when he wants to.
  • Chemistry
  • Martial Arts: The Joker also moves and fights with a Monkey Kung Fu-like style using his feet as dexterously as his hands, and often hangs from the walls and ceilings (as the series progresses, these abilities do not appear as much).
  • Singing: Joker has shown adept skills in singing when he once sang Harley Quinn a love song.[1]


  • Insanity



  • Joker Venom


  • Joker's Joy Buzzer


  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series The Batman, related film, and the tie-in comic The Batman Strikes!. It is an adaptation of the Joker. The original character was created by Jerry Robinson, Bob Kane, and Bill Finger and first appeared in Batman #1.
  • Joker was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.


  • Joker's line expressing how men are easily driven insane and how he became what he is after only "one rotten day" is based off a monologue about the entire world in comparison to the Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke.
  • The long dreadlocked hairstyle of Joker is inspired by the Jester's Hat, which are quite associated with The Joker or even The Fool.
  • Basil Karlo, at the end of his first episode "Clayfaces", shows that he has somewhat of a friendship with the Joker. Ironically, the original Clayface has a gigantic grudge against the clown.