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Jessica (Japanese: ジェシカ Jessica) is a character of the day who appeared in Grooming Furfrou!. She is an apprentice Pokémon groomer who works under the tutelage of her master, Sherman.

Jessica had been struggling to groom her own Furfrou because they had not bonded with one another. She met Ash and his friends when her runaway Furfrou bumped into Bonnie and injured her. After apologizing to the group for Bonnie's injury, Jessica took them to a Pokémon Groomer salon shop where she worked. Inside, she taught them the basics of Furfrou grooming and some things to look out for. After Sherman was finished with two Furfrou with the Kabuki and La Reine Trims, he recommended that Jessica enjoy her lunch break and show Ash and his friends around the city.

Outside, Jessica and the others were taken to a fake salon operated by Team Rocket for their latest scheme. While she had her suspicions, namely because she was unfamiliar with Jessie's stylist alter-ego "Jessally", Serena left her Fennekin there. Later, Jessica helped the group retrieve Fennekin after Officer Jenny informed them about a fake salon. While Ash battled Team Rocket, Jessica's Furfrou was captured, and she developed the courage to destroy the electrical cage holding Furfrou, causing it to develop a newfound respect for its Trainer. Jessica then had Furfrou send Team Rocket blasting off. Afterwards, Jessica gave Furfrou a trim for the first time.