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Jackson is a co-worker of Stan's at the CIA. He said he was previously a real estate agent in "Threat Levels".

Jackson's double was accidentally killed by Stan in "It's Good to Be the Queen".

Jackson was formerly homosexual, but has told that his sodomy cleared up when he stopped selling houses in "Threat Levels". He also expressed a wish to have a vagina.

Jackson said he has never had sex with a dead mermaid in "Francine's Flashback".

According to Bullock in "One Little Word", Jackson's son has leukemia.

When Stan claims Francine had a baby to cover his leave from work in "Weiner of Our Discontent", Jackson sends a pink jumper for the baby with Che Guevara on it.

Jackson's grandmother went to Law school in the 1930s, as mentioned in "Shallow Vows"

Fed up with the refrigerator being full at CIA Headquarters in "Stan Goes On the Pill", Jackson starts to quit until he realizes he has a family to take care of. However, Deputy director Avery Bullock quickly accepts his resignation.

Jackson appears on a list of people who "breath pleasantly" on Bullock's neck in "She Swill Survive".

In "CIAPOW", Jackson attempts to find an escape route, but leads the others into Thailand's Red Light District, the most congested area in the country.


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