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Ice Cream Kitty is a mutant ice cream cat. She debuted in Of Rats and Men. When April and Casey found a stray cat, Mikey took care of it, but after it ate some of Mikey's spilled ice cream that was mixed with mutagen. Ever since then it's lived in the freezer in the Kitchen Lair, then in the freezer in the O' Neil Farmhouse.


  • Of Rats and Men
  • Mazes & Mutants
  • Newtralized!
  • Pizza Face
  • The Invasion
  • A Foot Too Big
  • Buried Secrets
  • The Croaking
  • Vision Quest
  • Return to New York
  • Battle for New York
  • Meet Mondo Gecko
  • The Creeping Doom
  • The Fourfold Trap
  • Annihilation Earth


  • She is voiced by Kevin Eastman, the co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • According to Kevin Eastman Ice Cream Kitty is meant to be the 2012 TV series version of Klunk.