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Hugo was Professor Paradox's partner who helped him with his time-travelling experiment during the 1950s, during which he was transformed into a Trans-Dimensional Monster. He first appeared in Paradox.


When Hugo was young, he had fair skin, brown eyes, and blonde hair. When he grew old, his hair changed to white. As Paradox's assistant, he wore a white lab coat over a white shirt with a dark blue vest and pants and a black tie and shoes. He also wore goggles with green lenses around his neck, like Paradox. When Hugo was old, he wore a casual brown shirt with black pants and carried a walking stick.

When Hugo was flung into the present and turned into the Trans-Dimensional Monster, he resembled a broad, dark-blue skeletal figure, with tentacles instead of hands and feet. When he would move, his body would stay in place, and an afterimage of his next movement would be created. The afterimages would also stay in place for a while, thus making a "line" of himself across the distance he travelled.


Hugo described himself as being afraid back when first performing the experiment and acts much like a normal human would in his circumstances. After living his life fully, he was no longer afraid to go with his friend Paradox.



In Paradox, in a flashback 50 years ago, Hugo was shown to be the assistant of Professor Paradox in his time travelling project in Los Soledad. When the project initially failed during its demonstration, a panicked Hugo stepped aside and accidentally caused the machine to start sucking in Paradox and himself, losing Paradox to time and transforming him into a Trans-Dimensional Monster.

Alien Force[]

The Trans-Dimensional Monster appeared in the same location in the present, where it proceeded to go on a rampage and aged everything that it touched to dust. Ben and his team encountered it and tried to defeat it, but ended up getting Kevin and his car nearly aged to nothing. The team simultaneously met Paradox, who was also intent on stopping the creature. Realizing the creature's erradic and confused behavior, and its connection with Paradox's experiment, they traveled back in time to the 1950s to prevent its coming to be in the first place. There, Ben as Humungousaur saved Hugo from entering the machine.

Once the team returned to the present, they realized that Hugo was the monster, as an older version of Hugo came to meet them. He apologized to the professor about the accident, and said he was now unafraid to travel in time, now having lived a long and good life due to being saved in the past. Paradox then treated his friend to a time-travelling journey.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Age Acceleration


As the Trans-Dimensional Monster, Hugo was very dangerous, able to desolate Earth by aging everything he touched, from objects to people. Despite the threat he posed, however, Hugo retained his mind and was more confused than malevolent, attempting to find help, apparently without realizing how deadly it was.

As the Trans-Dimensional Monster, Hugo moved with great speed, enough to chase down Kevin's Car and catch up to it. He was also very durable, and combined with his speed was able to smash through buildings.


As the Trans-Dimensional Monster, Hugo could be slowed down if he came into contact with someone that can't age, such as Professor Paradox, or something that takes a very long time to age, like gumballs.


Alien Force[]

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