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Honey (ハニー Hanī) is Dandy's "friend" and a bubbly waitress who works at the BooBies restaurant that Dandy visits frequently.


Honey has wavy blonde hair which is held back by a purple headband. While working, she wears a skimpy outfit consisting of a pink and white top, and matching shorts with a clip-on order board. She wears yellow shoes, with knee length socks and Playboy Bunny-esque cuff links. She has a star shaped shine in her eyes, as opposed to the circular shine every other character has. She has a white choker necklace around her neck.

Personality and Relationships[]

Honey is a cheerful girl who always has a smile on her face. Though she acts like a dumb blonde, she is far smarter than any of the protagonists. Honey is also stronger than she appears, as she was able to perform a Piledriver on Dr. Gel without much effort despite the massive difference in size between the two.


  • Despite that Dandy and Honey are "friends" (in a sarcastic way), she actually enjoys Dandy's company. She also seems to care for his well-being, as shown when she heard that he died but unknown to her, he became a zombie. She was glad that he was alright.
  • A hologram of her was on the Boobies Point Card.
  • Honey took part in the space race in Episode 7, under Team Boobies. She drove a pink vehicle with appendages. This maybe a reference to the Wacky Racer character, Penelope Pittstop.
  • She is the younger half-sister of Gentle Nobra.
  • Despite being Half-Cloudian, she does not have a Cloud.
  • She can read the ancient language of Lagado, which uses a different script to normal Space Dandy text.