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Hocus Poconos is a realm where erased wishes are sent after the fairy godchild that wished for them loses his or her fairies and forgets he or she had fairies, and also forgets the wishes they wished. It is seen only in "Timmy's Secret Wish!".


Very little is known about Hocus Poconos, but it appears that it's a place for wishes that have been permanently erased from existence rather than simply unwished. Usually when a wish is unwished, the wish is put in storage, or in Timmy's case, Unwish Island. The most notorious resident of Hocus Poconos is Chuckles The Fairy Eating Cockatiel, a bird monster which was wished up in 1986 by Joshua Appleby.


Everything in Hocus Poconos is gray-scaled (black and white colored). There is the hand of fate on the window of time which is the only way to get out. No magic can be used inside but you can get poofed out by any fairy from outside the place, such as Fairy Court.

There are many homages to previous episodes scattered around Hocus Poconos, such as Super Bike, Hank the super rhino from "Cheese & Crockers", the Gigglepies, and most notably, the Magic TV Remote from "Channel Chasers".


In its debut and only appearance, "Timmy's Secret Wish", Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Jorgen and Mr. Crocker all go there to rescue Poof. They learn that they can't grant wishes in there, and they only got a small window of time left, indicated by a window the fairies could escape from. All of them confront Timmy's previous wishes, such as Super Bike. They eventually confront a giant monster that wanted Jorgen's pudding.

Later they meet Poof, Foop, Dark Laser and the Crimson Chin, who were fighting. After talking to them, they join Timmy's side and try to leave the place, but they are blocked by Chuckles the Fairy Eating Cockatiel. They try to lure it away, but fail. Timmy sacrifices himself, saving the rest by luring Chuckles away from the window so they can escape. After they convince Fairy Court about what Timmy did for him, Fairy Court poofs Timmy out of Hocus Poconus moments before Chuckles is able to harm him.

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  • Hocus Poconus, like Abracatraz and Fairy Falls is a parody of an actual place.