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Highbreed overlord

This Highbreed is the former Highbreed Supreme.


The former Highbreed Supreme is larger than a typical Highbreed.

Prior to being genetically repaired, the former Highbreed Supreme shared the same coloring as any other Highbreed. He had four red eyes, five black patches on his mouth, and an orange hoodie circles his head. His face was white, and his mouth was purple.

After being genetically repaired, he is now red, and his wings, chin and hoodie are blue. His eyes are yellow.

The former Highbreed Supreme pre-genetic repair


Alien Force[]

As time goes on, one Highbreed is elected to become the Highbreed Supreme. The previous Highbreed supreme appears in War of the Worlds: Part 2. The previous Highbreed Supreme and the Highbreed Councilors are a lot larger than the normal Highbreed.

After Ben Tennyson alters the DNA of all Highbreed, the former Supreme passes the title of Highbreed Supreme on to Reinrassig III. As the new Highbreed Supreme, Reinrassig calls off the Highbreed War and orders all Highbreed to return home.


Alien Force[]

Season 1[]

  • War of the Worlds: Part 2 (first appearance)


  • The former Highbreed Supreme was designed by Glenn Wong, with color styling by Chris Hooten.