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Hamato Yūta (also spelled Hamato Yuuta in the credits) was the father of Hamato Yoshi, and adoptive father of Oroku Saki. He was the leader of the Hamato Clan.


  • Vengeance is Mine - Splinter told the story about how his father leaded a final attack to the Foot Clan causing its extinction, but in the process he found a baby, Oroku Saki. He adopted him and raised him as his own son, but later Saki learned his true origin and re-started the Foot.
  • Tale of the Yokai - This episode marks his first appearance out of a flashback sequence. During this appearance, he's old, is suffering from an unknown illness, and wants his sons to take the responsibility over the dojo and the clan. His name is revealed in this episode, as well as the fact that he was the one who killed Saki's biological father, Oroku Kaiji.


  • He's voiced by Hoon Lee, who's also the voice of his son Hamato Yoshi.