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Hak Foo is an Enforcer of the Dark Hand.


Hak Foo, also known as The Black Tiger, is a rather tall and muscular man. He appears to be a foot taller than Jackie, but slightly shorter than Tohru. He has spiked, red hair, a thin mustache and beard, and habitually wears a blue muscle shirt and jeans. He wore a blue vest and red pantaloons in his first appearance, and when he joined the Dark Hand, had a costume change.


As a person, Hak Foo demonstrates a big ego, a short temper, and overconfidence to match; thus, he is very condescending to minors and eager to pick any chance for a fight. But on one occasion in Season 2, where Jade had gotten hold of a demon archive and the Shadowkhan appeared, he was surprised when they turned on him and instead defended Jade.

Because of his abilities and mannerisms, he often either impresses or intimidates others, and is shown to be much more capable than Finn, Chow and Ratso during their duties. Hak Foo may come off at times as not particularly bright. When Shendu tried to fool his siblings into thinking a phone book he was holding was a spell book to help free them, Hak Foo later handed him the phone book because he hadn't gotten on to the fact that Shendu was lying to them.

Powers and Abilities[]

Hak Foo is an experienced martial artist with peak physical condition. He's strong enough to break holes through brick or stone walls and push off the much larger Tohru. He's as fast and agile as Jackie and able to jump much higher than him.

Hak Foo's physical toughness is also remarkable, as he never seems to be seriously injured when he ends up in painful situations. For example, in his initial appearance, he falls from a high tower on boxes and Tohru, who weighs 480-pounds, fell on him. In Jade Times Jade, he tried to break the indestructible Pan'ku Box with his head, but only managed to receive a red mark on his forehead. In Black Magic, he's thrown through a wall to the ocean and he merely swims ashore.

Hak Foo is a very skillful and brawny fighter, and a dangerous opponent to all who face him.

Hak Foo has the habit of making up and shouting colorful metaphorical phrases whenever he commences an attack or a special action. One of his most commonly used catchphrases, for example, is "Angry crow takes flight!" whenever he makes a leaping attack with arms outstretched. On very rare occasion he changes tactics by shouting one phrase and executing a different move, but usually he prefers the most direct approach, which makes his tactics somewhat predictable. He even gives animal themed metaphors during non-combat situations, for example, when waking up he yells "slumbering bear greets the dawn!" When running away from something, he says "bunny flees from vicious jackals." Even though his attack style is predictable, it is also adaptable, depending on the situation a new attack can be made at a moment's notice. For example, when fighting Jackie in space in the episode Shanghai Moon, he started to yell "Tiger lashes-," but ended up saying "through pudding?" when he moved far too slowly. He also used this deceptively once; when he was unable to best the Dog Talisman-powered Uncle, he fooled him into thinking he would attack with his foot only to use his fist and knock him back successfully (a blow that would have otherwise killed him if for not the talisman).

Hak Foo is the only enforcer that does not fight with a weapon. Unlike Chow, Ratso, and Finn, who also use a variety of weapons both as enforcers for Valmont and as Dark Chi Warriors for Daolon Wong, Hak Foo has never used any weapons on either occasion. But in Shrink Rap he briefly uses a stick as a quarterstaff. He rarely uses Talisman magic in a fight because he considers himself to be so strong that he does not need to use them. However, he will use the Talismans if angered to the point of using them.


  • In the episode "Shrink Rap", Hak Foo describes Jackie and Tohru as his "Two greatest enemies". This suggests that Hak Foo has come to despise Tohru, or at least resents him. The reason for this is never explicitly specified, however.
    • It could be that Hak Foo is still bitter about Tohru costing him his victory against Jackie, Uncle, & Jade near the end of the episode "The Dog and Piggy Show".
    • Alternatively, as a martial artist (and a conceited one at that), it is possible that Hak Foo despises anyone who could potentially match him in combat. Given Tohru's considerable size and strength, it would make sense that he considers Tohru very capable of challenging his remarkable fighting skills, and Tohru has shown to beat him in many occasions such as in The J-Team and And He Does His Own Stunts.