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Long before Madara Uchiha tamed the Nine Tailed Fox the Hidden Cloud sent him and his brother Kinkaku to capture the beast. They were inside the Nine Tails for two weeks and supposedly they survived by eating the Nine-Tails stomach lighting. No one else has ever eaten the Nine Tails Chakra rich flesh.


Having transformed into a pseudo-Nine-Tails in response to his brother being sealed, Kinkaku starts his rampage with Darui’s division, unable to contend with the stronger foe despite their attempts. At the headquarters, Mabui, A’s handpicked secretary, uses her object teleportation jutsu to transfer the sealing pot known as the Kohaku no Johei to Darui. Still at the coastline, the Kohaku no Johei arrives and so is the half of the Fourth Division to assist Darui’s division.


  • Nine Tails Cloak
  • Nine Tails Transformation 
  • Spirit Word


  1. Atsui
  2. Darui
  3. Fourth Raikage A
  4. Nine-Tailed Demon Fox
  5. Princess Tsunade Senju
  6. Samui

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