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Red Hulk is one of the main protagonists of Agents of SMASH but is a loud, foul-tempered anti-hero - he does have a softer side to him and is usually played more for comedy than true malice : just like his comic counterpart he has the ability to emit intense heat when enraged and believes he is better than any of the other Hulks, having an especially strong rivalry with Green Hulk.

Red Hulk is also very much a military man, even as a Hulk, prone to large guns and he tends to charge into battle without thinking - which can have negative side-effects for the others, as a general rule Red Hulk is slow to learn from his mistakes but will defend the other heroes when confronted with stronger and more dangerous opponents (even if he tends to try and fight alone).

Super Powers[]

Red Hulk's body temperature rises with his anger, and he is capable of emitting heat waves at will from his body. While not as physically strong as the Hulk, Red Hulk has impressive gamma-powered superhuman strength, endurance, reflexes & stamina as well as a highly efficient metabolism, instantaneous cellular regeneration powers & nigh-invulnerability. He also has highly advanced military & espionage training, thereby making him quite formidable in his own right. Also he has a unique ability to absorb gamma power which was showcased during his battle against Doctor Doom.


Red Hulk has a wide arsenal of heavy weapons which he shares with the other members of S.M.A.S.H which include a hand-held minigun and his Gatling Laser Cannon. He also acquires missile launchers from the Red Hulk-Buster. In later episodes he was sporting a powerful rapid fire gamma cannon. He also has Gamma grenades which can unleash a gamma explosion.