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200px-Flying dutchman.
  • The Flying Dutchman gives the main characters three wishes to save themselves from being eaten by him. After accidentally wasting the first two wishes (Patrick wished that they knew the Dutchman would grant them wishes earlier and SpongeBob wished that Squidward was there to see this), SpongeBob wishes for the Dutchman to become a vegetarian. It works, but instead of being sent home, the characters are transformed into fruit for a smoothie.

Flying Dutchman: Hey, I get a wish too. Fruit prevents scurvy!

  • Oddly enough, there are two alternate endings in which Squidward asks for SpongeBob and Patrick to never have met him (except it just makes them forget Squidward, complete with introduction), and Patrick asks for chewing gum to have fresh breath. Both end with them being eaten.