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Born and raised in Brazil, South America, Beatriz DaCosta grew up to become a spy for the secret service agency, Espiaos Nacionales. DaCosta's first mission was to track down an experimental equipment that makes a flammable material called Pyroplasm. She was accidentally exposed to Pyroplasm and gained superpowers. As Fire, DaCosta became a superhero.

Fire went to fight side by side with other heroes like Batman and joined the Justice League. On one occassion, she teamed up with Batman and Plastic Man during Los Muertos, a celebration of the dead, to capture Gentleman Ghost. Months later, she lent her power to Batman when he was faced with an unstoppable Equinox. She was recently one of the superheroes implanted with a Starro clone by Faceless Hunter and used in the Great Starro Invasion on October 3rd. She and the others were freed after Captain Marvel killed Starro and fought against the Star Conqueror monster.

Fire struck up a close friendship with another superhero named Ice. Together, they were appropriately "Fire and Ice." Both were recruited by Batman to join his new Justice League. Around that time, Fire had opted for a new costume. Guy Gardner attempted to hit on her but was met with rejection while making Martian Manhunter nervous. After the League was captured by Kalibak, Fire was suspended in an elemental restraint. Once freed by Batman, she lay down suppression fire. Once gathered in an auxiliary Batcave, Fire was assigned by Martian Manhunter to team up with Aquaman and perform hit and run tactics on the main invasion forces to draw them off. That would allow Blue Beetle and Guy Gardner to clear a path for Batman to destroy the Boom Tube Generator. However, improvisation became the new plan. Ultimately, Fire and Ice joined in on destroying the Generator.

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