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Father Donovan is the Priest at the First Episcopalian Churchthat the Smith Family attend. It seems that Father Donovan has become jaded in his role and has stopped believing in God, which is most clearly started in "Rapture's Delight". However, he still puts in a token effort, by speaking at church and providing advice to people due to the fact he is unable to get his full pension in "Roger Codger".

It is believed that Father Donovan is not married. In "Dope & Faith", he seemed to be ready to have an affair with Francine Smith.

Father Donovan enjoys fishing with his friends, notably Marty in "Deacon Stan, Jesus Man".


  • He has apparently had some kind of chest surgery, potentially a triple heart bypass, or a similar operation. This is evidenced by the large, thick scar on the middle of his chest in "Dope & Faith".
  • Father Donovan has died on-screen once, in "Season's Beatings".


  • "Roger Codger"
  • "Deacon Stan, Jesus Man"
  • "Con Heir"
  • "Of Ice and Men"
  • "Meter Made"
  • "Dope & Faith"
  • "Haylias"
  • "Widowmaker"
  • "Phantom of the Telethon"
  • "Roy Rogers McFreely"
  • "Rapture's Delight"
  • "100 A.D."
  • "Son of Stan"
  • "The Worst Stan"
  • "Season's Beatings"


Father Donovan: And so we say goodbye to our dear old friend, Walter. Who was also qualified to ride a motorcycle! Amen. [bows his head in respect]

All: Amen.

Father Donovan: Now let's raffle off his stuff! First up... [Two church-goers push a paddle-boat into view] ...some kinda crappy little paddle-boat...

Stan[excitedly] Ooh, I totally want that! [puts his hands together] Dear Lord, please make my ticket the winner.

Hayley: Oh, and now you'll win!? Even if there was a God, I doubt he'd run the universe like a vending machine, where you put in a prayer and out pops...

Father Donovan[reads out ticket] 641.

Stan: Yes! Thank you, Jesus! [to Hayley] God is my co-pilot and the virgin Mary is my hot stewardess. Ding! More nuts, Mary!