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Eruka Frog is a frog-themed Witch who often serves under Medusa Gorgon along with fellow witch, Free. She normally says "kero", the Japanese sound for croaking when speaking or "ribbit" in English installment and Eruka can use many frog-themed techniques as well as being the owner of Tadpole Jackson.

Super Powers[]

Tadpole Bomb (オタマジャクシ爆弾, Otamajakushi Bakuda): This magic allows its user to create tadpole-like creatures that explode either after being sent to hop after the enemy, or being thrown forcefully. Being of Eruka's main usage, the level of power of the explosions created vary individually. However, some have been seen able damage even Black☆Star[11], damage steel carts of the Runaway Express[12], and with multiple bombs in vicinity, destory durable Demon Tools like the Demon Locks. Mizune once compliment Eruka on her ability to create Tadpole Bombs quickly.[13]

Soul Protect (ソウルプロテクト, Souru Purotekuto): Eruka possess Magic in which allows her to disguise her soul and wavelength from readings of a Witch from a user of Soul Perception, masking herself as a good, ordinary human being. However, she is unable to use any other Magic in it's duration.[14]

Transformation Magic (変身魔法, Henshin Mahō): Eruka is skilled in Transformation Magic, allowing her to take up the form of a frog. She can use this magic to escape from danger should the need arise.[15]

Calculation Spells (演算魔法, Enzan Mahō): Due to her incredible ability in mathematics, Eruka has the ability to proficiently cast Calculation Spells and has taken the lead in casting the spells when accompanied by other witches. This allows her to connect two similar objects such as the Book of Eibon and it's manuscript and enabled teleportation into the book itself[16], act as placeholders for certain spells requiring precision[17]. She also possesses amazing trajectory calculation, being good enough to coordinate Kilik Rung and Azusa Yumi to shooting Asura who was on the Moon while they're still on Earth as well as send Stein and Marie coordinates to the Kishin's location directly into their brain.

Special Items[]

Wooden | Tadpole

Staff: Eruka has been occasionally seen carrying a simple wooden staff in which she used to block and stop Medusa as she was walking, although the full usage of the staff has yet to be explored, she may use it as a weapon. Eruka also seems to have multiple staves, being able to also create one in which it's top resembes a tadpole's face