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East Kai  is a short, dumpy Kai who rules over the East Galaxy of the universe.


East Kai wears red Jackie Ohhsunglasses. She has red hair, but wears a blonde wig, as seen during the Other World Tournament. She appears to have a really big ego. She is very strict with her students, and often does not accept failure. East Kai loves her jet bike, and even takes on Goku in a race at one point.

Her fighters are known for their exceptional speed. Arqua is apparently her strongest fighter, but he is no match for Goku. After Goku defeated Arqua (who was her last fighter in the Other World Tournament), she punishes him and several of her other fighters, including Chapuchai, by making him run a thousand laps around Grand Kai's mansion. However, seeing Goku and Pikkon fighting, she is soon able to understand why her fighters lost.

Years later, in Dragon Ball GT, East Kai is shown gardening, still on Grand Kai's planet, when Goku asks King Kai to persuade people across the universe to give some of their energy to form an Universal Spirit Bomb.


  • East Kai is never mentioned in the manga, only North Kai and South Kai are.