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The Home of Spider-Man 2099.


Alchemax is a future company in a number of 2099 AD timelines.Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O'Hara) worked there as a scientist.


Goblin's portal must've failed. Otherwise I'd be in some other world Whoa! Ah! Whoa! Flying car? Ow! Oh! Flying I don't even know what that is. Whoa! What? Where? Where am I? Spidey? You are definitely not in Brooklyn anymore. Okay, so Goblin dragged me through a portal to some parallel world. And this is like my New York, only New Yorkier. Whoa! Hey! im swingin' here! And buses fly. And I can barely breathe. So, either I'm really high up where the air is thin, or I'm in shock! I'm gonna go with shock. So many corporations. Alchemax? Labelmaker 2099? Even Wheatcakes? Huh! Whoooooooa! Hoo-hoo, nice flying car. Okay, focus, Spidey. Step 1: Find Goblin. Step 2: Stop Goblin. Step 3: Figure out some way to get a flying car. Ah! Giant robot Jameson! Good morning, New York 2099! It's 2099? Goblin didn't say anything about time travel. So as much as this looks like some future-y tomorrow land, it's gotta be an alternate reality. The city is in the throes of a crime wave. And rumor on the street is that Spider-Man has given up. Which is good news, since Spider-Man is a menace! Huh. Even in other realities I can't get away from j. Jonah and his j. Jonah mouth. What part of alternate doesn't he understand? If Spider-Man has quit, I personally guarantee that we will see an immediate drop in the crime rate. This just in. In a possibly unrelated story, we have a robbery in progress. But it's probably Spider-Man. I might not be from 2099, but this is still a job for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Greetings, robots! Seeing as you're most likely evil robots, I'll just take these. Of course, they have laser guns. Ah! Nighty night, robots. Hope you dream of electric sheep. Yahh! Whoa. Awesome. You're Spider-Man, but you're who are you? Are you me? And what's up with the costume? Is that a metallic fiber? Whoa! Uhh! So what's it this time? Another android? Or a clone imposter? Android? Clone? Ew. And I'm not an imposter! I'm the real thing-mmmph! I'm about to quit this gig, so congratulations. You get to be one of my last catches. Wait! You have to listen to me. You're in danger! Uh-oh. Great. And now, I'm in danger. - Hoo-ah! - Ugh! Listen to me! I'm you! I know it sounds crazy! I'm Spider-Man! But I'm not crazy! Talons on your hands and feet? I've got an adamantium nail clipper if you wanna borrow it. Hint, hint. And the speed thing! I dig the enhancements. Would dig it even more if it weren't aimed at me. It doesn't matter. With all of my powers, there's always another crook. Nothing I do makes a difference. I know what you're going through. This is hard to believe, and I know that because I find it hard to believe But I am Spider-Man! From a parallel universe! Did I mention I'm not crazy? Heh. You're Spider-Man? Spider-Man is just a legend from the past that someone is trying to recreate unsuccessfully. Are you dissing the threads? Oh come on, this is classic! Red and blue! Wait Did you say a legend? You don't even know who you're pretending to be. It's all just a joke to you! Whoa! Huh. Never thought to create a double-layer intertwined web cable. Yeah, the tensile strength is exponentially stronger than Wait, we can talk shop later. Right now, you need to listen to me! There's someone after you. Yeah? Well, welcome to my life pretty much every day. Who is it this time? Ah! Him! You made the trip. And a friend. And brought him out into the open for me. Unh. How do you know this guy? He's been trying to knock me off since, oh, a hundred years ago. We go way back. If that's true, then you never stopped him! It's like no one's ever really beaten. They keep coming back, causing more chaos! Dude, I so hear you. But how about we at least try to stop this guy? Whoa! Yah! Yah! I got this! How about we got this? - Ahh! - See? Teamwork! We're too slow! Aah! Ohh! Hold still. I have what I came for. Now, to leave a little memento of my own. Electro, open the next portal. Now! Argh! Okay! The whole top level's going down! That thing's enormous! Wait. This is 2099. Maybe the building's made of ultra lightweight material. No, it's really heavy! My webs aren't strong enough! Mine won't hold either. But if we interweave our webs like before Whoa. He is Spider-Man. Come on! Hold, hold, hold, hold, hold! Yeah! I just saved the future. Well, alternate reality future. You really are him. The Spider-Man. You saved the day. We saved the day. Without you, people would've lost their lives. Face it, this city needs a Spider-Man, and you're it. If you give up, the legend ends. And everyone loses hope. There's a good reason you're a legend. Me? A legend? Ee-yeah, no. I just try to do my best. Oops. Gotta go. That's my ride. And if I don't hurry, it'll leave without me. See ya, 2099!



United States of America (First appearance)

  • Nueva York (First appearance)