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Dr Abby and Johnny

Dr. Abby (Japanese: アヤネ Ayane) is a character in the Pokémon anime. She first appeared in Delcatty Got Your Tongue.

Dr. Abby is a former Pokémon Coordinator who used her Skitty, Johnny, in the Hoenn Contests. After winning her five Ribbons (she owns a total of seven), she won the Grand Festival, then decided to quit coordinating. As she had won during her very first circuit, she was labeled a Legendary Coordinator.

After Johnny was injured by a Flygon, Dr. Abby discovered a Pokémon Clinic. The owner, Dr. Moss, was able to heal Johnny successfully and she became inspired to stay and study to be the sort of doctor he was. After many trial-by-errors, Dr. Abby eventually learned all about the benefits of pressure points and massages for Pokémon. As a prize for her outstanding work, Dr. Abby was given a Moon Stone by Dr. Moss, enabling Johnny to evolve into a Delcatty. She currently runs her own Pokémon Clinic near Foothill Town, where she helped May's Skitty recover from a blast of smoke from Ash's Torkoal and learn Blizzard.

Dr. Abby had a cameo in Deceit and Assist, watching May at the Hoenn Grand Festival.