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Danny (Japanese: ダン Dan) is the Gym Leader of the Navel Island Gym. He hands out the Sea Ruby Badge to Trainers who defeat him.

He was the second Gym Leader Ash encountered in the Orange Archipelago, in Navel Maneuvers. He appears to enjoy water sports including sailing and windsurfing. He and Misty seemed to develop some sort of relationship.

Danny did not simply battle Ash, however; instead, he challenged Ash to work with his Pokémon in order to win the Badge. Initially, Danny and Ash had to climb a mountain without the aid of any of their Pokémon. Then Ash and Danny each chose three Pokémon to build a bobsled (or toboggan) of sorts, and the final challenge was a bobsled race down the side of the mountain. He reappeared in flashbacks in A Way Off Day Off and Hello, Pummelo!.

Pokemon Moves
Nidoqueen Ice Beam
Electrode Explosion


  • Danny has a shirt with a Geodude print on it.
  • Danny is the only regular Gym Leader of the Orange Crew not to have a family member revealed.