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Cleveland Brown, Jr., also referred to as just Junior and also Cleveland Raj Rerun Dwayne Brown (voiced by Mike Henry in "Family Guy," Kevin Michael Richardson in "The Cleveland Show"), is the obese biological son of Cleveland Brown and his late ex-wife Loretta. He debuted in the season 2 episode "Love Thy Trophy" on the animated TV show Family Guy. During his time in Family Guy he was shown to be skinny, hyperactive, and athletic. He was presumably taken into Loretta's custody after she divorced Cleveland in "The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire" and has since become severely obese. He suffers from mild seizure-like episodes which he refers to as "brainstorms" and takes medication to control them. It was revealed in the episode "The Hurricane!" that he "doesn't believe in God", although he claims he is not an atheist either, which he calls "another religion".


  • Cecilia (wife)
  • Cleveland Brown (Father)
  • Loretta Brown (Biological Mother)
  • Madame Claude (1st Cousins Once Removed)
  • Donna Tubbs-Brown (Step-Mother)
  • Evelyn Brown (Paternal Grandmother)
  • LeVar Brown (Paternal Grandfather)
  • Roberta Tubbs (Step-Sister)
  • Rallo Tubbs (Step-Brother)
  • Chet Brown (Paternal Great-Great Uncle)
  • Broderick Brown (paternal uncle)