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He is the 16th Head of the Akimichi Clan. His Sensei was Asuma Sarutobi. His duty is to protect the Nara Clan, Akimichi Clan. Yamanaka Clan, and the Hidden Leaf Village. He also has to pass on the ear piercings from the Sarutobi Clan to his son the 17th head of the Akimichi Clan when he comes of age.


The reunion of Ino-Shika-Cho to their sensei Asuma continues as Choji somewhat loses his will to fight. Ino manages to enter Choji’s mind and tells that the meaning of their earrings that Asuma gave to them years ago. After Shikamaru recalling Asuma’s last words, he scolded Choji and telling that they're not the ones to be protected but to stand up and protect others. Choji continues to recollect his past, about his kindness and the oath of being the next head of the Akimichi clan, and the butterfly who started as a simple yet kind caterpillar


He can transform into a Butterfly And be able to fly without using the Akimichi Clan Secret Three Colored Pellets. By doing this there won't be any side effects at all.


  1. Butterfly Bombing
  2. Butterfly Chōji Mode
  3. Chubby Dive
  4. Clone Jutsu
  5. Double Human Boulder
  6. Earth Style Barrier
  7. Expansion Jutsu
  8. Human Boulder
  9. Human Boulder Yo-Yo
  10. Human Jackhammer
  11. Ino-Shika-Cho Formation
  12. Partial Expansion Jutsu
  13. Spiky Human Boulder
  14. Substitution Jutsu
  15. Super Expansion Jutsu
  16. Transformation Jutsu: Transform
  17. Watery Human Boulder
  18. Wind Style: Great Suction