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KAKASHI: Even Sasuke, when I taught him the Chidori, took quite a few days to achieve the lightning change of nature.

You can clearly see the Chakra in your hand.  It’s a technique especially for assassination the speed of the stab and the great amount of Chakra that creates the heightened flesh.  This is Kakashi sole original technique.  Because the Chakra is concentrated in the hand and with the speed of the user you hear it produce a special sound like a thousand birds are running towards you.  It is also known as the Lightning Edge.  The Lightning Edge is a nickname because Kakashi once used it to cut a bolt of lightning with that technique.  It is known for its stabbing speed that pushes the limits of the Human Body.  The huge amount of chakra that is focused in one arm.  That arm then becomes the blade of a sword that can cut anything.

A thrust attack that uses Lightning Style to increases its Power.


  1. Kakashi Hatake
  2. Sasuke Uchiha