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Chay-Ara Hol was a Thanagarian law enforcement officer who, along with her husband, was stranded on Earth ca. 6600 B.C.

History []

Chay-Ara and Katar Hol crash landed on Earth while pursuing a criminal. With their spaceship damaged beyond repair, the couple adopted Earth as their new home, and set about bringing the benefits of Thanagarian rule to the humans of Egypt.

When Chay-Ara wanted to have a child, Katar was too caught up in bringing order to the chaotic humans to give his wife's desire the attention she wanted. Chay-Ara then turned to the arms of the couple's friend and military ally, Bashari. After seeing evidence of the illicit affair, Katar Hol wished his wife and friend dead. The Hols' high priest Hath-Set heard this private utterance, and acted on it, poisoning Chay-Ara and Bashari and when Katar Hol saw that his wife was dead he drank the poison himself holding Chay-Ara's hand to be with her in the end.

Centuries later, she was seemingly reincarnated as a Thanagarian named Shayera Hol, otherwise known as Hawkgirl.

Background information []

While the information presented in the DCAU is inconclusive, the story of Chay-Ara, Katar Hol and Joseph Gardner does match one of the incarnations of Hawkman in DC comics.

Appearances []

Justice League Unlimited[]

  • "Shadow of the Hawk" (Cameo in flashback)
  • "Ancient History"