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This is a technique where the user focuses chakra into their hands and feet using precise chakra control and releases it with pinpoint timing.[1]

The training for this technique is quite arduous, as Tsunade repeatedly came at Sakura with full force to help her learn.[2] Subsequently, the outcome of this training is incredible, giving the user enough strength to easily make gigantic craters or kill opponents with a single strike.[3]

Trivia []

  • While some may see it as merely superhuman strength, this technique is actually an application of medical ninjutsu that demands excellent concentration and chakra control.
  • It should be noted that unlike Sakura, Tsunade herself already possesses incredible raw strength, capable of crushing stones in a single hand with nothing but pure muscle power. This strength is later increased to monstrous levels, allowing her to perform feats like lifting and swinging Gamabunta's tantō,[4] creating giant craters and fissures in an area by simply striking it with either her heel or finger,[5] destroying the ribcage of Madara Uchiha's Susanoo[6] and its sword[7], and sending opponents flying with a flick of her finger with relative ease.