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Casey (Japanese: ナナコ Nanako) is a recurring character in the Pokémon anime. She is a Pokémon Trainer from New Bark Town. She first appeared inThe Double Trouble Header.


Casey made her debut appearance in The Double Trouble Header, where Ash, Misty and Brock witnessed her catching a Rattata. Soon after, Casey battled against Ash. Despite her overconfidence, she was easily defeated by Ash, who used just his Charizard. After her defeat, Casey was tricked by Team Rocket into believing that Ash had cheated, prompting her to face Ash again, this time battling his Pikachu using her Chikorita. However, the battle was interrupted by Jessie, James, and Meowth, who tried to capture Chikorita and Pikachu. In the end, Ash and Casey united to defeat Team Rocket and became friends. She appeared in a flashback in The Chikorita Rescue. She returned in person in The Bug Stops Here, where Ash competed against her in the Bug-Catching Contest. She decided to win at all costs with her Chikorita, which almost caused Ash's defeat. Chikorita evolved to defeat Team Rocket more than once. Before leaving, Ash presented her with the Beedrill he was allowed to keep because he won the competition, because of her admiration for yellow and black striped Pokémon. Casey returned in Here's Lookin 'at You, Elekid!, where she revealed that her Bayleef had evolved into a Meganium. She also tried to catch a wild Elekid, the pre-evolution of her favorite Pokémon Electabuzz, and with hard work she managed to capture it, In A Date With Delcatty, she visited Cerulean City in the Kanto region to watch a baseball game with the Starmie team against the Electabuzz team. She met up with Misty and both united to defeat Butch and Cassidy who were trying to steal a Delcatty belonging to Georgio. Her latest appearance was in Those Darn Electabuzz! where she helped her idol Corey Demario regain his confidence and his Charizard, Don (Japanese: ドン Don), regain his abilities to battle and fly.


She and her family are fans of the Electabuzz baseball team, and she loves Pokémon with the team's colors, yellow with black stripes. She started her journey with a Chikorita, which she received from Professor Elm. In the original Japanese version, Casey speaks with a Kansai dialect, in which natives to Osaka, Japan speak. Adding to this is Casey's love of the Electabuzz baseball team, an analogue to the real world Osaka baseball team, the Hanshin Tigers. Not only is there a similarity in both Electabuzz and tigers being striped animals, but the Hanshin Tigers are known for having a very loyal fanbase. Casey has been compared to Ash in his early days of Pokémon training. However, they have different styles of training, and different tastes in Pokémon.