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Bullhorn (voiced by Orin Cannon in 1971 until 1980 and Paul Eiding in 1980-present portrayed by Byron Minns) is one of the main characters of Black Dynamite. He is the man of the rhymes and one of the members of Black Dynamite's crew. He often narrates the show's main story, mostly reading out the episode titles (Along with the alternative ones).


Bullhorn is a chubby, black man with curly hair, a beard and a moustache, his eyes are always half slanted giving off a relaxed expression. Bullhorn dons a red hat and tie, along with a light blue vest and pants.


Bullhorn is a friendly and smart individual, yet often at times lazy and hedonistic (or in that case gluttonous), rarely Bullhorn ever does not rhyme, his rhymes are so powerful that it makes 'hoes' panties fall down and even Cream Corn's pants as shown in "Bullhorn Nights".


In the first episode, "Just Beat It or Jackson Five Across Your Eyes", He and the rest of the crew attacked a ninja base by bombing it. However, because of the absence of Cream Corn, He and the rest of the team were unable to escape; they had to fight off the waves of ninjas who surrounded them, while Cream Corn saved Michael Jackson from a so-called assassination. After the fight, the team visited Cream Corn at the hospital after he dove in front of Michael Jackson, taking the bullet fired by Michael Jackson's dad, Joseph Jackson. He, Honey Bee, and Cream Corn took a great liking to Michael Jackson. Later, after discovering Cream Corn was the subject of physical abuse by Michael Jackson and that Michael Jackson was an alien trying to take over the world, Black Dynamite's crew lead the ninjas they fought earlier into battle against Michael Jackson's alien race.

In the next episode, "Bullhorn Nights or Murder She Throats", Bullhorn was present at the crime scene where his cousin, Ringo Mandingo, was chopped to pieces by a chainsaw. He ended up being a porn star in order to lure in the suspects, this led to him almost getting killed at gunpoint by the KKK and the Black Pumas to then fighting alongside his team.


Black Dynamite[]

Bullhorn holds some respect to Black Dynamite, but just like Cream Corn he would get himself in trouble in which Black Dynamite has to step in to help him out.

Honey Bee[]

Although they both barely ever interact much between the two, Bullhorn does show respect for Honey Bee, while She acknowledges his talents.

Cream Corn[]

Bullhorn and Cream Corn barely interact, though they do show respect to one another.

Ringo Mandingo[]

Being Bullhorn's cousin, Ringo's massive shlong and dancing caused their families to give Ringo more attention and money than Bullhorn (Who managed to get straight A's in school). Bullhorn was shown being saddened by the death of his cousin.

Bullhorn's family[]

Not much is known about them but it is seen that they neglect Bullhorn's success in school.


  • His persona and rhyming one liners are based off Rudy Ray Moore, star of the famous Dolemite series.