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Real Identity: Bruce Wayne

Affiliations: Justice League of America Powers/Skills: Above Average Physical and Mental Attributes, Piloting, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat Voiced By: Diedrich Bader 


Bruce Wayne was only a child when his parents were murdered before his eyes. Wayne vowed to battle crime and villainy for the rest of his life and spent the next couple of years travelling the world and honing his mind and body to a peak state. He returned home to Gotham City and took on the identity of Batman. At some point, Batman took on a young partner named Robin. Both joined the Justice League of America but Batman kept Robin at an arm's length. In a battle against the Legion of Doom, Batman switched the Batwing to autopilot rather than hand over control to Robin. Robin disobeyed his orders and overrode the autopilot to save Batman from Bizarro.

Back on Earth, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman broke up a fight between Robin, Karate Kid and Dawnstar. Upon learning the Legion's latest plan, the Justice League tried to stop them but were erased by the Time Trapper. Karate Kid and Dawnstar undid that and Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman attempted to defeat the Trapper. Batman was propelled into the giant portal but Robin grappeled his leg. Once Robin procured the Eternity Glass, Batman held off Trapper then Wonder Woman and Superman.



  • Auto Pilot
  • Computer: Negative. Your override clearance is not high enough.
  • Computer: Please refrain from kicking the autopilot controls.
  • Disengage Autopilot.
  • Eject