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Batman of the Family Guy Universe.


In "A Hero Sits Next Door", he watches Peter Griffin play strip poker with Wonder Woman.

In "Brian in Love", Peter pretends to be Batman to Lois Griffin's Catwoman.

Peter watches the 1960s Batman television series while Lois is preparing for sex in "Emission Impossible".

In "Blind Ambition", Peter interrupts the Super Friends meeting in the Fortress of Solitude by stating there are no more Cheez-Its. Both Batman and Superman look at him with annoyance.

Peter uses the Batman symbol as part of his guessed letters in the final, game-winning puzzle of his episode of Wheel of Fortune in "I Take Thee Quagmire".

Peter, while dressed as Spider-Man, sings his Spider-Man theme song to the tune of the 1960s Batman TV show theme in the second Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story segment "Bango Was His Name Oh".

His Hispanic counterpart lives in a run-down Hall of Justice with the other Mexican Super Friends in "No Meals on Wheels". He almost gets them evicted.

Batman get a completely unnecessary signal from Commissioner Gordon in "FOX-y Lady" where he sees a signal light letting Batman know that the Commissioner is going to the bathroom. Batman states that he "did not need to know that".

For the Superfriends opening for "Family Goy", Brian Griffin assumes the role of Batman.

In a cutaway gag in "Brian Writes a Bestseller", a guy in a coma dreams of writing a script of Batman vs.Predator.

In "Halloween on Spooner Street", a trick-or-treater is dressed as Batman. He gets candy from the Mayor at the Mayor's mansion.

Batman appears when Peter and the guys watch The Super Friends Accountant in "Grumpy Old Man". When the accountant tells them that they'll need a loan to pay their taxes and when the accountant suggests that Bruce Wayne might give them a loan, Batman is quick to tell them that he'll not give them the loan.

Stewie points out to Batman the illogic of hiring workers to make the Batcave in "The Blind Side".

When Peter Griffin is worried that Patrick Pewterschmidt may have committed another murder in "Killer Queen", he threatens to do to him when he did to the Riddler. A cutaway shows a Batman-style fight with colorful verbs describing the action.

Batman is voiced by Seth MacFarlane, but in "The Blind Side", he is voiced by John Viener.


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