Animated Character Database

Batman from the Brave and the Bold Universe. 


  1. Alanna Strange
  2. Ambush Bug
  3. Aqualad(Earth-23)
  4. Aztar(Spectre)
  5. Baby Plas
  6. Barry Allen(Flash) (Brave and the Bold)
  7. Ben Turner (Bronze Tiger)
  8. Blip
  9. Bobo(Detective Chimp)
  10. Buddy Blank(O.M.A.C.)
  11. Cliff Steele(Robot Man)
  12. Dinah Laurel Lance(Black Canary) (The Brave and the Bold)
  13. Dr. Ryan Choi(The Atom)
  14. Freddy Freeman(Captain Marvel, Jr.)
  15. G.I. Robot
  16. Ghost of General Jeb Stuart
  17. Gleek
  18. Gold
  19. Jefferson Pierce(Black Lightning) (Brave and the Bold)

Rogue Gallery[]

  1. Amazo(Brave and the Bold)
  2. Arges
  3. Astaroth
  4. Bane (The Brave and the Bold)
  5. Baron Hans von Hammer(Enemy Ace)
  6. Beatriz Bonilla DaCosta(Blaze)
  7. Blue Bowman
  8. Bookworm
  9. Brainiac(Batman the Brave and the Bold)
  10. Carbon Dioxide
  11. Citizen Abra(Abra Kadabra)
  12. Creature King
  13. David Clinton(Chronos) (Earth-23 Universe)
  14. Dr. Ryan Choi(Dyna-Mite)
  15. Edward Nygma(The Riddler) (Brave and the Bold)
  16. Eobard Thawne(Professor Zoom) (Brave and the Bold)
  17. Equinox
  18. Falseface (Brave and the Bold)
  19. General Zahl
  20. Harley Quinn(Brave and the Bold)
  21. Jervis Tetch (Mad Hatter) (Brave and the Bold)


Bat Family
Bat-ApeBat-MiteDamian Wayne(Robin / Batman)Ace the BathoundKatrina Moldoff(Batwoman)Proto Bat-BotAlfred Pennyworth (The Brave and the Bold)Kiki WayneSelina Kyle (Catwoman) (Earth 2)
Justice League International
Arthur Curry(Aquaman) (Brave and the Bold) Ice (Brave and the Bold) Fire (Earth 2) Rip Hunter Booster Gold(Earth-23) Guy Gardner(Green Lantern) (Earth-23 Universe) Question(Earth-23)


When Batman was fighting Owlman the Joker said "The real one will move he always does.".


  • Batmobile
  • In The Batcave Batman has a titanium alloy 7-pin, 8-cam lock, with only three layers of redundancy to keep only the most dangerous prisoners he has fought.
  • Spare Batmobile
  • The Batmobile is the fastest car on the planet.
  • We Find out that the Utility Belt has a lock mechanism that only Bruce Wayne can unlock.


Sleeping Gas

Batmen of the Multiverse[]

  1. Bruce Wayne(Bat-Hulk)
  2. Bruce Wayne(Bat Vampire)
  3. Bruce Wayne(Batman) (Bat-Manga)
  4. Bruce Wayne(Batman) (CGI)
  5. Bruce Wayne(Batman) (The Dark Knight Returns)
  6. Bruce Wayne(Batman of 800,000 A.D.)
  7. Bruce Wayne (Batman) (Scooby-Doo)
  8. Bruce Wayne(Solar Batman)
  9. Bat-Ape
  10. Cave Batman
  11. Ace the Bathound
  12. Alfred Pennyworth (The Brave and the Bold)