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Among the multiverse, on one fateful day, a family of three left their favorite movie theater in Gotham City. It is time to go home. They take a wrong turn into an unlit alleyway. A desperate man with a gun demands the group's valuables. A scuffle follows. Within seconds, Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne are dead. Their son, Bruce Wayne has forever had his childhood stolen from him.

He became obsessed with the pursuit of justice and created a plan for the rest of his life. Once old enough, Bruce Wayne traveled the world and honed his body and mind to the highest physical peak. Along the way, he studied every known science including criminology, forensics, chemistry and psychology. Wayne trained under manhunters and martial arts masters and in time, became an unrivalled master, himself.

In one universe known as Bat-Manga, the world of Batman is slightly more Asian in influence. However, Batman still garnered a bizarre Rogue's Gallery that includes Professor Gorilla, an intelligence stealing gorilla obsessed with killing humans, Governor Warner, a mutant that wishes to also eradicate the human race, and Lord Death Man, a living dead man. Despite an initial setback, Batman always adapts and devises counter-measures that win the battle.


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