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A Member of the Legion of Doom.


Bizarro is an imperfect doppelganger of Superman. Aside from his deformed appearance, Bizarro also thinks and speaks backwards. He later joined the Legion of Doom. In one scheme, Bizarro was sent to space to protect Captain Cold's satellites. Robin disobeyed orders and saved Batman by crashing the Batwing into Bizarro which then crashed into a satellite that exploded. Bizarro recovered Toyman and returned to Earth. When Lex Luthor went missing, only Grundy and Bizarro remained at the Hall of Doom but were unsure what to do next. Suddenly, a Luthor from the 31st Century arrived and initiated a new plan to destroy the Justice League of America. Bizarro went into the past with Cheetah, Toyman and Solomon Grundy and launced Kal-El back into space. Back in the present, Superman and the rest of the League disappeared.


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