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Beerus' planet (ビルスの寺), also called Planet Beerus, with it's primary location being Beerus' castle (ビルスの城),[1] is the home of the God of Destruction Beerus and his attendant Whis.


Beerus' planet is in the living world, as opposed to the Other World. It is located at about 26 minutes from King Kai's planet when Warping at ultra-high-speed, but the exact location of his planet in the universe is not shown.[1] The lower part has a shape similar to a square pyramid flipped upside-down, and the top is made of a giant thick dead tree with a number of buildings on it. Several buildings of the temple are located on the giant tree. There is a room where Beerus canteens, and a huge aquarium inside the castle.[1] The temple is stocked with fish and other food. When he does not destroy planets, Beerus slumbers for many years on a floating pedestal/rock in one of the rooms of the temple,[2] where he sets alarm bombs in the shape of huge hourglass.[1] Living on around the temple are several kinds of animals, including birds and butterflies. Around the temple is a gigantic lake that includes several kinds of sea creatures, such as the Oracle Fish and a monster who looks similar to how Nessie is depicted in Dr. Slump and Oishii Shima no Ū-sama. There were also various moons around the temple, although they were destroyed by Beerus due to pain from ingesting wasabi sauce.

During the events of the film, Beerus awakens from a long slumber and is visited by the mysterious Whis. He then leaves his planet and tracks down the warrior who defeated Frieza, a Saiyan named Goku.[3] Whis takes on Vegeta and Goku as students of his and trains them.

Video game appearances[]

The area around Beerus' planet is a battle stage in Dragon Ball Heroes.