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Azmuth (Dimension 23) is a Galvan from Galvan Prime.


He invented Ben 23's omintrix, which was intended for the late Grandpa Max of Dimention 23 as well as his own battle armor.

Ben 10 Omniverse[]

Azmuth was the leader of the plumbers sent to take back Ben 23's omnitrix. He originally sent different aliens, but eventually joined the fight himself. He was defeated by Ben 23, who nearly killed him, but was stopped by Ben 10. After Ben 10 taught Ben 23 that not all aliens are evil, and he should not be using his fame to compensate for the loss of his version of Grandpa Max, Azmuth gave Ben 10 Ben 23's Omnitrix, trusting his judgment. Ben 10 gave it back to Ben 23, and Azmuth decided to guide Ben 23 in Max's place.


He looks exactly like the main universe's Azmuth aside from his eyes which like most things in Dimension 23 that were green in the main universe are blue. Unile the main universe's Azmuth who usually wears a Galvan Robe, he is only seen in a a Dimension 23 plumber's outfit (aside from his battle armor). However, if seen again he would likely have a blue version of the main universe's Azmuth's robe.


  • Store 23 (1st appearence)


  • His suit is exactly the same as the one that the canon Azmuth used in The Secret Of The Omnitrix, only blue in color.