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250px-Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock defender of Karadiss.


-Kree Computer and Zarek

"Which side are you on, Kree or freedom?" "I am the Silver Surfer and I am not here to fight. This is not my battle." "Look around you, doesn't it make your blood pound? They are all our battles!"

-Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer

"Ah, Adam Warlock. Long have we wondered if the rumors of your existence were true. Had we allowed them to become public, you would be an interstellar legend now. " "I would settle for being your nightmare."

-Supreme Intelligence and Adam Warlock

"It's ironic, isn't it? You learned nothing that you wanted from the Kree, while I have learned too much."

-Adam Warlock


  • When Adam Warlock is talking to the Silver Surfer, his right chin horn is missing.
  • The warriors that destroy Adam's Warlock's civilization are based on the Magus, Adam Warlock's evil doppelganger.


  • Adam Warlock's origin is different then it was in the comics. Here, he was created by the people of Karadiss to defend them from the Kree, in the comics he was created by an evil scientist group called The Enclave, who wanted to use him to take over the world.