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Abigail Brand is a second-in-command agent of S.W.O.R.D. She is also half-alien with extraordinary superpowers.


She was inside the Damocles as she attempted to access the ship's A.I. until she was interrupted by Carol Danvers who introduced Henry Gyrich, the liasion with the United States government, which agitated Brand.

When the Kree warship had appeared in its warp jump, Brand attempted to contact the Kree peacefully, which the latter responded in hostile manner and attacked the Damocles. While Ms.Marvel intercepted the Kree strike force on Earth, Brand acted as second-in-command of the Damocles, which was bombarded by the Kree warship.

When the Kree warship had teleported a boarding party into the Damocles, Brand and the other agents attempted to defend the bridge valiantly from the Kree but no to avail. With no other options, Brand had ordered the remaining agents to fall back while grabbing Gyrich from enemy fire.